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Art Galleries
Art Galleries often depict the aesthetic sense of the people. Mumbai, the Financial Hub of India, is not afar in portraying the talents through such art galleries. The pictorial and refined art revealed by means of Mumbai galleries is certainly creditable.

Mumbai is the hub of commercial activities in India. Taking into consideration the requirements of this metropolis, auditoriums have cropped up to serve as venues for big conferences, seminars, meetings, competitions, discussions and presentations.

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, houses the prime centre of Hindi Film Industry, better known as Bollywood. Acclaimed as one of the biggest film industries of the world, Bollywood produces over 800 films every year. Since 1913, Indian Cinema has made a long journey from simple silent movies to sound films.

Cinema Halls
Bollywood movies have always been the greatest entertainer for the public of India. Mumbai, the centre of Hindi Film Industry, is no exception to it. Movies entertain a great deal of people, however some may like comedy, other could love thriller or suspense and some might prefer watching romantic love stories.

Discotheques are always synonymous with music, dance, drinks and fun. It's a place where you can spot the most happening crowd of the city. Throughout your stay in Mumbai, discos will be a great place to entertain yourself, amidst the finest tracks and dancing steps.

Mumbai is the coolest destination in India, where you can see couples, friends and groups hanging out. Indeed, Hangouts have become an inseparable part of city's culture. Be it college guys or girls, professionals or others, mooching is a regular feature.

The phrase - 'city that never sleeps', goes right with the most-happening city of India, Mumbai. The sparkling conurbation gleams all the more in the hours of darkness, when lights illuminate and music reverberates in its streets. It's for sure that its rocking nightclubs would buoy up your bashing spirits.

Envisage the idea of flying over the sea and mountains with wings of your own. Feeling great, yes and why not? Perhaps it is the veiled thought of almost every person. Mumbai, the Dream City, actually offers you the chance of flying and pleasing your craved thoughts.

Pubs & Bars
Unlike any other part of India, boozing is very common in Mumbai. Apart from the hours of darkness, a person having a shot in daylight is nothing exceptional. The cosmopolitan culture has very much penetrated into the Island city, where you can find top-notch pubs and bars.

Shopping Malls
Malls have become the latest trend of shopping in cities, where people don't have much time to go to different places for buying various things. The malls have changed the idea of old shopping, when people used to shop in different markets, while sweating and holding several bags at the same time.

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